Black Diamond offers truck wraps, custom truck graphics wraps, truck decals, truck vinyl graphics, food truck wrap, truck lettering and more.

Pickups wraps offer a unique challenge when it comes to truck wrap advertising. That’s true of those used in construction, landscaping and other fields where the truck is a vital part of the business. Black Diamond Wraps, we develop vinyl truck advertising wraps that are durable and long-lasting, perfect for any business that needs them. We helped create the modern vinyl wrapping process and can custom-design your truck advertising wrap for your exact year model and vehicle type.

Vinyl Truck Wraps for your business’s  trucks offer a massive time savings over a paint job. Even if you want a highly customized look for your business’s truck wrap advertising, the relative amount of downtime it experiences is minimal compared to completely repainting the vehicle. It’s also less expensive.

In addition to the truck wrap advertising itself, Black Diamond can also create a look that incorporates your pickup’s cap or camper shell, helping you to create a unified look more easily than you’d think. If you have more than one pickup truck in use at your business, we also offer truck wraps advertising for fleets, turning every vehicle you have on the road into a mobile billboard for your business.

Black Diamond Designs produces some of the best car and truck wraps in Birmingham. Call us today at 205 960-7117