PAYMENT TERMS: A 50% deposit is required at time of order write-up, prior to printing, with the balance to be paid prior to collection or delivery of the vehicle. Once the work is performed and client takes possession of the vehicle, the client must pay Black Diamond Wrap / Designs the balance due for the vehicle wrap. The client will be responsible for the payment of all work and designs performed by Black Diamond Wraps / Designs on behalf of the client. Design Fees are based on complexity of job and start at $400.

DESIGN FEE: Design fees are based on complexity of the job and start at $400. Design fees include one in person meeting with one of our designers to discuss ideas and needs. Design fees to also include one design with three changes. Any changes or re-designs are $85 hour and billed in half an hour increments. Design Fees DO NOT include logo design. Logo designs are available to be purchased separately. All design fees are paid when the order-write is done and there are no refunds on design fees. Please see fee schedule on our F&Q page on our website.

CONDITION OF VEHICLE PRIOR TO WRAP INSTALLATION: Vehicles must be delivered to our location clean and free from grease, dirt, oil, and free from existing graphics. We do offer graphics removal for an additional charge. A cleaning charge of $80.00 may be applied if the vehicle is not in a satisfactory clean condition suitable for a quality wrap installation.

DELIVERY & PICKUP: Client delivery is the preferred method of delivery but we are willing to either select our own delivery person or provide a dedicated delivery at clients expense plus overhead charge.

RETURNS: If the client has a concern with the job, client must contact Black Diamond Wraps / Designs, IN WRITING before proceeding with any charge backs or credit returns. Black Diaond Wraps / Designs will be given 30 days opportunity to correct and resolve any disputes prior to any legal action or credit returns.

All Banners and Vehicle wraps are custom made projects that are not refundable. If the client has a concern with the job, Client must contact Black Diamond Wraps / Designs in writing before proceeding with any charge backs or credit returns. Black Diamond Wraps / Designs will be given the opportunity to correct and resolve any disputes within 30 days by fixing the disputed project. Since all jobs are custom products, Black Diamond Wraps / Designs must be given the opportunity to reprint or reinstall any job, before the client issues any credit card charge backs or returns. In the event that the client issues a credit card charge back, or alleges he does not authorize the credit card transaction, the credit card company will issue an inquiry. When the credit company investigates the claim and if the credit card company’s decision is made in favor oBlack Diamond Wraps / Designs the client will be held liable for all legal fees and professional research and discovery time associated with Black Diamond Wraps / Designs having to file an Inquiry / Retrieval request by the credit card company.

Once a job is printed, delivered and or installed, all contracts are final.

ESTIMATES & TAXES: Estimates are good faith estimates based on job specification information provided and current material costs. All quotes are good for 30 days and are contingent on any causes out of our control. The work preformed is subject to applicable state and local taxes unless we have a Government Sales Tax Use and Exemption form completely filled out denoting that said corporation is exempt from sales tax.

JOB CANCELLATION & ERRORS: If the Client cancels the order before its completion, the Client shall be responsible for the cost of any proofs, artwork, materials re-stocking and work performed until written notice is received. In addition, Black Diamond Wraps / Designs reserves the right to charge a 15% cancellation charge in addition to the actual charges to cover unbilled internal costs including but not limited to scheduling, client communications and resources utilized.

TRADEMARKS & COPYRIGHTS: It is the responsibility of the Client to obtain permission for copyrighted materials. Black Diamond Wraps / Designs is in no way responsible for obtaining permission and assumes that the Client has obtained permission before the work is submitted. Reproduction in any form, of copyrighted materials without prior permission of the originator is illegal.

DESIGN & PRINTING: The design, name or mark, or other material in final form that is approved by the Client and selected for use will be the exclusive property of the Client upon final payment of all amounts due. The designed artwork can be provided via client’s own flashdrive due to the large file sizes involved with vehicle wraps. All other designs, names, marks and other materials developed in the course of the project shall remain the property of Black Diamond Wraps / Designs.

Use of Images and References to Completed Work: Black Diamond Wraps / Designs may, at its sole discretion, use images of completed work and/or refer to Client in Black Diamond Wraps / Designs portfolio and any other marketing materials, including but not limited to press releases, brochures, flyers, signs, postcards, website and vendor marketing materials promoting Black Diamond Wraps / Designs and its services.