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TAG HEUER window graphics installation

Window graphics installation in North Carolina for Finks Jewelers and TAG   Window graphics create a great opportunity to display for exciting and new brand designs for your customers. Windows have the ability to be installed in a variety of different ways and different types of media. One of the most common is 65/35 Window perforation. This allows for very solid graphic to be seen from the outside, but also giving you the ability to see out.

An optically clear overlaminate is not only recommended but usually necessary. Without laminate the holes in the vinyl will fill with water and dirt which will drastically reduce visability and defeat the purpose of the media. A laminate will also allow for ease of application, reducing stretching, and wrinkling. Window perf film is thin and because of the holes there is a lack of material, when laminating your window perf film make sure to use the correct tension setting on your laminator. It is very easy to use too much tension which will induce curl in you finished graphic.

Building wrap window perf applications can be very challanging for any installer. Not only are you on scaffolding hundreds of feet in the air you can’t see the big picture of the graphic unless you climb down and walk away. The key to a successful building window perf installation is organization and pre-allignment. Lay all the panels out in the correct order prior to beginning the job to make sure they lign up correctly and are stacked in the right order then remove them from the stack one at a time.


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