Black Diamond wrap recently removed two full wrap from a couple of cargo vans. And I wanted to give a few tips on the subject. As long as the vinyl hasn’t been left on for years past it’s original warranty and it wasn’t applied directly after the vehicle was painted, your wrap can be removed without any damage to the paint job underneath. Wrap removal has three basic stages; heat, details, and clean up.

Wrap Removal. The heat stage of the removal consists of one of our installers using heat to warm the vinyl. Starting at an edge or a seam, the vinyl is lightly heated and then pulled off of the vehicle. Getting the amount of heat right is very important. That’s why at Black Diamond Wraps with over 40 years of combined experience we have the knowledge to get your job done the right way.

Wrap Removal Clean Up. Once the large area of vinyl are removed, we move on to the detail stage. This involves using a rubber squeegee, and heat if necessary, to get rid of any smaller pieces of vehicle wrap vinyl that are stubbornly holding on. This stage is important when we’re dealing with vehicle graphics or partial wraps that involve small decals. Wrap Removal

After all of the vinyl is removed, we move on to the cleaning the vehicle. The vinyl will sometimes leave behind a sticky residue that needs to be removed before the car can be driven away. The adhesive residue is tough stuff, and won’t just come off with simple soap and water. We wipe everything down with a strong chemical removal in order to leave your car as clean as the day it was wrapped.

If you need any type of old graphics or wrap removed from your vehicles please give us at Black Diamond Wraps a call 205 960-7117. Wrap Removal