Matte Black Vinyl Wrap

Command attention with the latest obsession of the matte black car wrap from Black Diamond 

Wraps. This stealth trendsetting look works on a wide range of 4×4’s to the most luxury vehicles. Don’t bypass this understated appearance while decided on your next Black Diamond Wrap.Matte Black wraps from Black Diamond Wraps is a leading expert in Matte Black Wraps in Birmingham.If you’ve seen them on the streets, then you already know…. nothing says custom more than a Matte Black Wrap, or a partial wrap. A partial wrap from Black Diamond Wraps can consist of only a hood, roof, or spoiler. These partial wraps are a great accent to make you car stand out from the crowd.
Everywhere you go today, cars are sporting a high-end matte finishes thanks to the advancements in premium vinyl films. Many of the manufactures that offer matte films and lamination also make matte wrap materials in other colors—like gray, red, blue, green, gunmetal and silver.

At Black Diamond Wraps we want to make sure that you get the best looking matte black wrap in Birmingham.
A full matte black wrap can be achieved at a fraction of what a custom paint job would normally cost, and unlike paint, if your car is ever damaged in any way, you can simply have the damaged section replaced on your car without the cost and hassle of custom painting.

Maybe you just want to add a splash of cool to your car with a matte black hood wrap, or hood and roof combo. The possibilities are endless when you’re using the most conformable and attractive matte black product available on the market today.

The matte black wrap is a durable, washable and long lasting product that is warranted against failures, such as cracking, peeling and lifting. All of our wraps come with a one year warranty against such defects on your wrap.
We think you’ll agree that Matte Black is one the most attractive and appealing looks you can add to any vehicle weather it is a show car or a daily driver.

We invite you to request a quote from Black Diamond Wraps and see for yourself.

If you are in Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville or any other of the surrounding cities call Black Diamond to talk to us about your matte black wrap.

Black Diamond Designs is passionate to offer you the very best, we are in the process of obtaining the highest level of credentials in the industry. We also only trust your wrap to the 3M brand promise of quality wrap films. We offer a wide range of finishes, textures and colors that can be backed up with exceptional service and warranty.

Matte Black Wrap