Gloss Black Roof Wrap Black Diamond Signs is your  sign shop if you are looking to your car or trucks roof or hood wrapped  This 2015 Ford Mustang GT is a great example of how great a 3M gloss black roof wrap can look  If you are looking for a custom look that isn’t going to break the budget  then this is for you.

The Price for a 3M Gloss Black Vinyl Roof Wrap is around 325 -350 depend on the car.

The 3M Gloss black vehicle wrap vinyl that we use is specially design to wrap the roof of vehicles. Because of its high heat resistance and super high gloss, it is an ideal use for wrapping your roof. The super high gloss surface acts like a mirror and produces a panoramic image on top of your car roof. Very cool…and very aesthetic.

In addition to roof wraps, Black Diamond Wraps can offer you a great wrap for your hood as well. We can do this in just about any color you want. But some of the most popular hood wraps remain matte black, gloss black and 3M Carbon Fiber.  Call us today if you and in the market for and great way to add a custom look to your car and also help protect the paint at the same time. Black Diamond Wraps in Hoover is here to help you.

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