Cargo Trailer Wrap
Cargo Trailer Wrap
food truck wrap
Cajun Food Trailer Wrap
Cargo Trailer Wrap
Cargo Trailer Wraps Birmingham, AL

This is the latest project for Black Diamond Wraps. A 28′ V nose cargo trailer converted into a Mobile Cajun Food Trailer.

This Food Trailer Wrap started with just a logo an a idea. Our head designer took the lead and turned out this amazing design in just 1 hour. With a tight timeline we were able to get the design approved and printing in just 1 day. The design process can sometimes be one of the biggest hold ups of the whole job. Knowing what you are looking for is very important to the success of your wrap.
A trailer wrap of this size gives you the opportunity to turn your cargo trailer into a moving billboard showcasing your company. Weather you are drive down the road, going to an event or parked in a parking lot. This will attract the attention you want for your business. A food truck wrap or a food trailer wrap has to 1. Be very eye catching and graphically pleasing.
2. It has to get your message across clearly to your customer.
When designing this trailer wrap we felt that it was important to get the overall theme of New Orleans across. This was done in several ways using iconic landmark features like the street sign, jazz players, and colors. This still gave us the opportunity to clearly get the clients message across.

This was a great project for Black Diamond Wraps to do. Be sure to look for it though out Birmingham. Call us today to see what we can do for you and your next project. At Black Diamond Wraps we are here for you during the whole wrap process from start to finish. If you need someone to guide you through this we are there for you. But if you already have a design or designer that you are working with. We will gladly help answer any questions about set up and design to make sure your wrap is output the way you want it to look.