Fleet wraps and graphics create a great branding opportunity. We think that whatever moves you, or your product, should have your logo on it. This is to better help your company brand itself.

Having a fleet of vehicles representing your brand sends one powerful message out for every one to see. For any business with company vehicles, this is one of the most cost effective ways for you to advertise.

When you spend your advertising dollars you want it to stretch as far as it can – nothing gets your message out there more than company Fleet wraps. With a Fleet Wraps from Black Diamond Wraps your marketing message is loud and clear. The mobility of a vehicle wrap provides for a cost-effective and broad-reaching advertising message. When you think about how much time your trucks are on the road, this is a great opportunity for thousands of people to see your brand.

The image that you put on your fleet graphics help determine how other people see your business. So what kind of message do you want to say about your business.

Weather you need a fleet of 100 trucks wrapped with a full color design, or one truck with simple vinyl lettering call Black Diamond Wraps in Birmingham today. Let us talk about how we can help you with the brand of your companies image.

If you are in the need of a company logo we can help you with that as well. Our team of talented designers will help walk you through the entire wrap project.


One of the most important things that come with growing your company is building brand awareness of your company.  By wrapping your company fleet vehicles in a custom wrap from Black Diamond Wraps this will help give you maximum exposure for your advertising dollar.