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The Ultimate Guide To Window Graphics

Window vinyl is a great way to promote your business and get your brand, service or message on display. Window graphics and vinyl window lettering can also be removed without leaving any residue. But window vinyl installation isn’t straightforward if you want a professional result. Window vinyl can be cut to any shape (meaning you won’t have a background).


1.Clean The Surface Area

To ensure that your window graphic is clean and won’t cause air bubbles, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the surface area before applying it to your window. Glass cleaner, such as Windex or dawn dishwashing liquid, will work great for this. You can also use glass rubber cement or Easy Clean Window Cleaner available from your local hardware store or automotive supply store.


 2. Make Some Application Fluid

You can apply your graphic using the wet method, which involves adding about a drop or two of dish soap into a spray bottle with about a 750-1L of water. This will prevent the adhesive from sticking, making it easy to squeegee down without trapping air underneath or wrinkling.



3. Position And Tape

Once you’ve removed any debris from the surface, fix the graphic so it’s at the right place and in the right position by taping it down. Use some masking or painters tape to do this - keeping everything in an arch with your taping is best.


4. Remove The Liner

Please lift the graphic from the bottom and slide it off of its backing. If there is protective plastic or paper on the back of the graphic, take off those items first. Do not allow the adhesive to touch your hands.


5. Apply From The Top Down

Lift the protective layer of your graphic with the lifting tab and spray the newly exposed surface of the window with application fluid. Slowly lower the graphic over the freshly-sprayed surface from top down, allowing it to float on top of the layer of soapy water.


6. Squeegee From The Centre Outwards

By now your graphic should be looking pretty good. It should be stuck in position without any wrinkles or air bubbles. Start from the centre and move outwards while applying firm pressure.


7. Remove Your Tape

Remove your tape! Peel it from the graphic outwards – you don’t want it to pull your decal off the glass. If this starts happening, you may want to either wait a bit longer for the adhesive to bond with the glass, or spray down your tape with water to get it to release a bit easier.


Your small business window graphic is the first impression your customers see of you. And you’ve spent time and effort creating key messages for it to ensure your brand or product line speaks volumes about what you do, represent and values. But if the job is poorly done, this can mean potential damage to your brand reputation and even potential legal action from the law. That’s why it’s so important that your window graphics are installed by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. Black Diamond Design team has been providing expert window graphics installation throughout the US for years…

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