Basics of Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

Political, industrial, and various messaging and promotions/marketing will abound - and the ubiquitous yard sign may be the most efficient way to get a message out there. Given all of these potential applications and uses, the logical question is: What is the typical yard sign made of, and why might this material be ideal for this type of sign?

We'll look at why corrugated plastic is an excellent substrate for yard signs. Corrugated plastic was not always king; in the past, yard signs were made from a variety of materials ranging from single-panel aluminum to plastic and composites.

Corrugated plastic, on the other hand, triumphed and is now the de-facto material for yard signs. Why is corrugated plastic such an excellent choice for this type of signage? It is the result of several factors: Corrugated plastic is long-lasting, lightweight, can be made UV-printable, and is relatively inexpensive.

In fact, the Coroplast brand name now owned by Inteplast has become so synonymous with corrugated plastic, particularly in the signage and graphics markets, that many people refer to the generic material by that name.

Black Diamond Designs in Birmingham, Al uses 4mm-thick corrugated plastic for our yard signs, which we direct-print with colorful and long-lasting UV inks. As a result, yard signs made of the material can be easily moved from one location to another as needed, and they'll be fine with all that moving.

Our UV inks are, of course, durable in and of themselves (fade- and abrasion-resistant), so the combination results in your graphic and message lasting a long time. Corrugated plastic is great for producing custom shapes for your yard signs because it is easily cut/routed (manually or mechanically).

Last but not least, corrugated plastic is relatively inexpensive; it is one of the least expensive materials. In the preceding section, we mentioned the portability of corrugated yard signs, and this portability is enhanced by the ability to display them with wire stakes.

Using wire stakes, you can quickly install corrugated yard signs into any soft surface, then easily remove them and reuse them in another location as needed. Standard and heavy-duty wire stakes are available for our corrugated yard signs.

Corrugated plastic yard signs can be displayed in a variety of ways, including: You can hang them with grommets and rope/string, attach them to a rigid substrate with washers and screws, place them in a real-estate frame, or even use an A-Frame as a sandwich board.

Making Your Dream Yard Sign, Corrugated plastic yard signs can be a very useful tool for a variety of marketing and promotional efforts. Political operatives recognized this long ago, and as a result, the use of yard signs in political campaigns increased dramatically, more than doubling between 1984 and 2008.

We'll assist you in determining the best design, custom shape options, single-sided or double-sided printing, installation alternatives, and just about anything else you might require assistance with.

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