Die cut graphics for your cars and trucks are a great way to express your personal style to the world. You can choose the color and the type of vehicle you drive and add customer die-cut decals or stickers to the outside to dress your vehicle up and make it stand out. 



Choosing Die Cut Graphics For Your Vehicle



There are a lot of different die-cut decals on the market for use on your car or truck. They are not all the same quality, and it is essential to check the thickness of the decals to ensure they are made from heavy vinyl to get the most durability once installed.



Many auto parts stores carry a wide variety of decals, and often they can order more than they carry in the store. If you are looking for decals for your car and don’t see one you like, ask if they have a catalog of other options you can check out. 



Custom Die Cut Graphics 



If you are looking for unique custom die cut graphics for your vehicles, you can take the car to a graphics shop and have your decals custom cut for your vehicle and design and applied by professional installers. The shop can scan in a design or create one for you and tailor it to fit on your vehicle so the decals accent the body lines or the style of the car, then apply them to the vehicle. 



The graphics shop will often have some designs premade that you can choose from, or if you want something that no one has seen before, you may want to have a designer come up with something custom that will look great on the vehicle. Once the decals are cut for your car, they don’t take long to install, and they will last a long time if you take care of them. Most of the custom stickers are printed on a 7 year vinyl with a gloss or matte over laminate to help add a extra layer of protection.



Decal Installation



If you are installing your custom die-cut decals yourself, it is essential to follow the directions that come with them. The surface needs to be clean and free of wax and other materials that could cause the decals to come loose later, so cleaning the surface with a wax remover before putting the graphic on is critical. 



It is also essential to line the decals up on the car, so they are straight and look good. Measure the panel where the custom die-cut decals are being installed and use a grease marker to put some marks on the car where the decals need to go. Measure everything several times to ensure the decals are aligned correctly, then follow the directions that come with them to install them so you don’t trap air under the vinyl or wrinkle it as you put the decals in place. 



Once the decals are on the car, you can wash and wax them to protect the paint and the decals, but it is an excellent idea to let them bond to the vehicle for a few days before waxing over them. The graphics are also safe for trips through the car wash and wind tunnel.

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