Increase Your Brand Awareness By Using Die-cut Stickers

A sticker is one of the least expensive yet fun ways to build your brand, increase your footprint, and generally boost your brand's reach!


Unlike other traditional print media, customers usually have reception towards stickers as they are not so in-your-face. You can have some printed and given as giveaways. When customers use your sticker giveaways, your brand will be virtually on anything they use out in the world. That's a free advertisement for your business. 


Before we go through the meat of this article, let's talk about the basics first. When we talk of stickers, we're not talking about just any sticker. We're referring to die-cut ones. Die-cut vinyl stickers are waterproof and easy to clean. Unlike other sticker types that peel off after some time, die-cut stickers are high-quality, professionally-printed stickers that are resistant to fading. Most can be removed cleanly from any surface without leaving a sticky residue.


Die-cut stickers and labels can be printed and cut into almost any shape. Thus, your creativity is the only limit when it comes to these amazing marketing collaterals. 


Die-cutting, referring to the process of contour-cutting around the printed material following the provided digital die line path, means your options are endless! 


If there's one "protip" we can share when it comes to using die-cut stickers, do not skimp on hiring professionals to help you come up with the best sticker design that matches your brand. A professional design team can help you start your die-cut sticker process. They can give you ideas, especially if you still don't know exactly how you want your sticker to look. If you have a basic idea about what you want, they can help turn that vision into reality in no time.


A great design team can even let you have a more hands-on approach to the design process of your sticker. Even though you're spending a few monetary resources for their services, usually, you get a nice return on investment when you realize that you saved a lot of time and effort with their help (versus doing everything on your own from scratch). After all, they can help you choose the best colors, shapes, and sizes and narrow down the best options for your specific purpose.


Another important factor in using die-cut stickers is, of course, to have a reliable partner who can print quality ones for you. Sticker print shops should carry a wide variety of sticker and label printing materials and offer many options within those materials. Select your preferences or talk with your design team about what they think may be best. 


If you can find someone who only uses premium vinyl products to ensure the best possible outcome, can guarantee a fast turnaround time, can ship within 24 hours of approval, and can even offer free shipping for orders over 99.00, then that would be a huge advantage! 


Fortunately, you don't have to scour the internet to look for a reliable sticker printing partner. The Sticker Fox can help you out with that. Check out our website to know more about how we can help make your marketing dreams come true. 

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