Cargo Trailer Wraps Birmingham Al

Be Seen. Be Recognized. Be Admired.

Are you looking for a more resourceful way to promote your business? One that doesn’t require hundreds of pages to print or time and electricity spent calling people only to get hung up on and ignored? If so, you’re in luck! Show it off with a custom vehicle wrap from Black Diamond Design! 



We’re experienced in creating eye-catching vinyl graphics that will make a bold and personal statement while also enhancing your ride. All of our designs are drawn by experienced graphic designers who have mastered the art of creating memorable visual messages that stand out on any vehicle — big or small. Our full line of custom products include 2-sided wraps, window graphics and specialty vehicles such as dune buggies, motorcycles and ATVs. We offer a variety of printing methods as well as a wider selection of colors than most other manufacturers. This combination gives us the power to create customized graphics that make a lasting impression on your customers!

Take advantage of our cutting-edge high-end printing capabilities to create high quality custom vinyl wrappings for your car, truck or any other vehicle.




  • Cargo Trailer wraps are perfect for temporary advertisements and event marketing.
  • Cargo Trailer graphics are easy to change and update over time.
  • Wrapping a trailer is great for protecting it from the elements, such as rocks, scratches, and sun damage.
  • Cargo Trailer wraps get your message in front of thousands of eyes.
  • Our trailer wraps make your company or organization look professional.
  • Wraps make it tough to vandalize your trailer, and they’re easy to replace.


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