Barricade Wraps

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Barricades & Custom Wall Graphics

Barricade Wall Wraps are perfect for both temporary and permanent signage displays. They can be used to promote the opening of a new business, or restaurant to comply with building codes and regulations during construction, and to sell advertising space in malls and other spaces.

What is a barricade wall wrap?
A construction barricade is typically a temporary wall built around a construction site of a new store. They are wrapped with custom graphics that can help build anticipation for a new store’s grand opening. These custom graphic wall wraps can feature virtually any type of images and branding including, but not limited to:
* Company name and logo and other branding
* Product announcements and advertisements.
* Opening dates and remodel information.

Because nothing builds anticipation for a new store’s grand opening like a full size barricade wall wrap.  Not only do these graphic wraps generate excitement, but they also conceal construction work before the big opening.
* Construction wall graphics can build excitement, awareness, and buzz before your store even opens to the general public.
* Wall graphics can turn unsightly construction areas into branded displays that will conceal the work from the public and shoppers.
* A mall barricade graphic can turn an empty storefront into a giant billboard while the space is being promoted to new tenants.

Black Diamond Designs, we are fully insured, certified, and capable of handling any project We have worked with many national advertising agencies, print providers, graphic design studios, general contractors, architects, and interior designers. We are the the best in the business at graphics installation. We have been installing graphs for over 25 years.
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Barricade Wall Wrap from Black Diamond Designs

Barricade wall wraps and retail wall wraps deliver your message and make the outlet space more attractive for your customers. Wraps for retail walls, shop fronts, counters, windows, doors, refrigerators, product displays, temporary barricade walls, or anything else where you think a wrap can change the picture. Striking digital graphic prints can be applied to a variety of flat & textured surfaces such as stucco, concrete block or cement.

We provide nationwide installation of all retail graphics, wall wraps and barricade graphics.

Graphic Installation, Black Diamond Designs specializes all types of graphic installation, and removal covering all of the Alabama are. We also cover the entire southeast and we strive to provide quality work in all of our installs. All of our experienced graphic installers are passionate about what they do and take great pride in the installations. With over 25 years of experience have given us the know how and skills to get the job done right, saving you time and money.

If you are look for quality graphics installation of all types, then call the experts at Black Diamond Designs and we will be glad to help you. Not matter what your installation type is we are here to help you.

We are fully insured, certified, and capable of handling projects at any size. We have proudly partnered with many national marketing and advertising agencies to help roll out new campaigns.
Barricade graphics provide valuable brand exposure and generate excitement about the new store and location. Black Diamond Designs provides national installation service of all graphics.

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