Food Truck Wraps
Food Truck Wraps

Welcome to Black Diamond Wraps! Here you will find the best solutions to protect and customize your vehicle. We specialize in full and partial vehicle wraps as well as fleet, box truck, cargo trailer wraps and more. High quality vinyls and films along with a professional installation insure a long term one of a kind wrap for your vehicle.

Black Diamond Wraps can turn any car, truck, van, bus, or other vehicle into a mobile billboard, advertising to thousands of people each day. A vehicle wrap is basically a giant vinyl decal, made of high-performance outdoor durable vinyl, manufactured specifically to cover the entire outside of a vehicle. Vehicle wraps are typically printed with eye-popping color, bold images and enhanced text, all with the intention of grabbing your attention.

The primary functions of a vehicle wrap are to get people to make a phone call, visit a website or spread a message by word-of-mouth.


Matte Black Wraps in Birmingham, Alabama

Matte Black wraps from Black Diamond Wraps is a leading expert in Matte Black Wraps in Birmingham.

If you’ve seen them on the streets, then you already know…. Nothing says custom more than a Matte Black Wrap, or a partial wrap. A partial wrap from Black Diamond Wraps can consist of only a hood, roof, or spoiler. These partial wraps are a great accent to make you car stand out from the crowd.
Everywhere you go today, cars are sporting a high-end matte finishes thanks to the advancements in premium vinyl films. Click Here to Find Out More


Carbon Fiber Wraps in Birmingham, Alabama

Black Diamond Designs’ brings the subtle but striking carbon fiber car wrap to the Birmingham, Alabama area. The weave pattern size and color is customizable down to the smallest detail to be a sure fit with your bodywork. With the options of glossy or textured patterns available, you are certain to give any car the need for speed with this lavish film wrap. Click Here to Find Out More


Box Truck Wraps in Birmingham, Alabama

Box truck wraps take advantage of the flat, open space that make up the truck’s cargo area. A box truck wrap is printed on 3M Vinyl material, which is then wrapped onto the box trucks smooth surface. This will help take the boring out of a plain white box truck.

Your truck is ideal for logos, service information, graphics, promotions, and advertisements of any kind. Whether strategically parked in front of your location, in traffic, or cruising down the highway, wrapping your box truck is a great way to help promote your brand awareness. Black Diamond Wraps can also help you stay within your budget. Click Here to Find Out More


Food Truck Wraps in Birmingham, Alabama

Food truck wraps in Birmingham. Your food truck’s wrap is one of the most effective methods you have to get your message to your customers. By installing a vehicle wrap, you transform your food truck into a moving billboard. You can target your favorite locations and take your message to your audience by driving down the street. Click Here to Read More


Fleet Wraps and Graphics in Birmingham, Alabama

Fleet graphics create a great branding opportunity. We think that whatever moves you, or your product, should have your logo on it. This is to better help your company brand itself.

Having a fleet of vehicles representing your brand sends one powerful message out for every one to see. For any business with company vehicles, this is one of the most cost effective ways for you to advertise. Click Here to Find Out More